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Title: Copyright - please read - posted 17 Oct 2015
Post by: Jennie on October 17, 2015, 08:16:42 am
    Time for a re-cap I am afraid ladies!  I am sure you are all aware of the guidance that is printed at the top of all 'Cards made in......' posts and they all still stand.  If you have not read them for a while, please have another look and refresh your memory. There are, however, a few other points we feel we should highlight:

    Please do not ask on the forum if you can borrow anyone's craft equipment or for them to cut die shapes, emboss card or anything else like that to send to you, even if you offer to send the card and pay P&P - it is a breech of copyright.  We know die cuts are sold on Ebay, but they really should not be.  What two friends or family members share between themselves is a whole different matter.  Just not on here please ladies

    Using a stamp, scanning it in to your computer and then altering it in any way using any computer programme is likely to be illegal - you could still be breaking copyright rules. The same applies to digi images and to anything taken from a commercial CD unless the 'legals' on the website or with the CD give permission for alterations to be made. Indeed, some companies insist that credit is given when items made using their designs are sold. It is worth noting that if you have got a second hand CD, stamp or die you are unlikely to have any rights to use it at all, copyright is usually only granted to the original purchaser or recipient in the case of a gift. This is why we had to stop selling on of pre-loved craft items.

    I am delighted to see the post in this section that PeeJay started has been read nearly 4000 times - it is worth reading again.  It is really worrying that when you buy, for example, ribbon with a 'copyrighted character' on, that it is illegal to sell anything you have made with that product as some people found out to their cost.  It is fine to use it to make a card to give to someone, but not to sell it on.  This applies to any product including paper, card, buttons - I could go on, but I hope you get the idea![/li]

Your admin team are not paranoid - well maybe we are (!) - we really are just trying to keep everyone (including ourselves!) safe.  I am sure we err on the side of caution, but I hope you all agree that is better than being reckless?

Happy and SAFE crafting ladies. Smiley

Title: Re: Copyright - please read - posted 17 Oct 2015
Post by: craftlady on October 24, 2015, 09:54:05 pm
does copyright only apply if you are selling cards.not if they are gifts to friends

Title: Re: Copyright - please read - posted 17 Oct 2015
Post by: megapixie on October 26, 2015, 09:29:50 am
Copyright applies always.

It is a bit like theft. If you are an artist who relies on your work, pictures, paintings, scupture, poems, songs, it is exactly theft if your work is used by someone else, without your express permission, and you do not get paid for that use.
In effect you are taking what belongs to someone else; it doesn't matter if you keep it, give it away or sell it on. It is the taking of image and using it for yourself that is the breach of copyright, not what you go on to do with it. You are depriving the originator, or the legal owner of the work and its copyright, from income or recognition for their product.
Like any other theft, of course, you have different chances of getting caught. If you sell cards with, say, Manchester United shields and strip on they are likely to get noticed. Man U will want you shut down if they find out, you could be in big trouble. If you make a card to give to your 3 year old with, say, a picture of a Clanger on then it's unlikely that anyone of note will find out or be bothered (I bet there are Clanger images on the Beeb website that are copyright free for kiddies to use anyway) so you'd be at very little risk.