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Your admin team feel we must post a few guidelines because of copyright issues. We hate to have to remove any work because it may breach the law.
BUT  if we do and get it wrong, PLEASE let us know via a PM and show us that the copyright is legally observed, then we will put your card back up.
Images that have come from a cd such as Joanna Sheen, Crafters Companion, DoCrafts, Debbi Moore etc etc are okay to be posted on here and also your own blogs. Anything that has an angel policy is fine. Your Cds will tell you in the blurb what their copyright policy is.
BUT if you have googled an image, say of Tatty Ted or Fireman Sam, then that cannot be posted on the forum as the image is licensed and should not have been used to make a card. This applies to Disney, Marvel and the like too.
It also applies to sports team logos, especially Premier League football teams. They license their logos and protect them which is why they charge a ridiculous price for the home team shirts. You can use the team colours to make your card but not actual team logos or emblems, and probably pictures of players. Likewise pop stars, they can be litigous about their images.
Remember, if you found it on the internet unless it says 'copyright free' then it will have a copyright on it. Even if you find a website that says that but has Mickey Mouse or Bagpuss and so on, they are not copyright free unless licensed to that company. Some sites tell porkies or simply do not understand the law.

This isn't being posted to put you off making and showing cards BUT to protect yourselves and the forum from getting into trouble
Thank you.

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