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Author Topic: Copyright.... Please read before posting pictures  (Read 3613 times)
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« on: October 11, 2010, 09:23:52 pm »

Im sorry but it has to be said on here as well so I just copied and pasted Cazz's msg from the other side Smiley

There have been some issues lately with regards copyright images and whilst it is a minefield trying to get to the bottom of it, your admin team feel we must post a few guidelines.

BUT we are all crafters ourselves so if you feel we have made a mistake with anything, PLEASE let us now via a PM and we can work to resolve it.

Image's that have come from a cd such as Joanna Sheen, Crafters Companion, DoCrafts etc etc are okay to be posted on here and also your own blogs.

BUT if you have googled an image say if Tatty Ted, then that cannot be posted on the forum as the image is licensed. This applies to Disney, Marvel and the like too.

This also applies to sports team logo's especially Premier League Football Teams. They license their logo's and protect them which is why they charge a ridiculous price for the home team shirts. You can use the team colours to make your card but not the actual team logo itself.

If you have used an image from the internet, please state where you got it from and that is is copyright free.

Sadly, if there is no notification of where the image came from, it will have to be removed to preserve the safety of the forum.

I'm sure none of you would like to see the forum in court over a copyright issue.

So please do not post any cards made with official football club logo's, team logo's, Thomas the Tank or the like as these images are not licensed.

I know we all need help now and again but please don't post  any images that don't belong to you or that you have found on google as they will likely be copyrighted!!!

Make the card if you wish, just don't show us :-)

Remember, if you found it on the interent then unless it says copyright free then it will have a copyright on it.

This isn't being posted to put you off making cards BUT to protect but yourselves and the forum from getting into trouble

Please do take notice of this post as its not nice having to remove a post

Thank you
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